Listia – Buy Sell Trade – NO MONEY exchanges hands!

11 Apr

If you haven’t joined Listia yet, you should!  It’s an awesome site where people list items, just like ebay, but you pay in credits, NOT money!  You get 100 credits when you join!  If you are a couponer, it is a great place to get rid of all those stockpile items you don’t really need and turn them into something you want!

Once a month, I list several items I don’t need on Listia…extra deodorant, makeup, some of the samples I receive…usually in one ‘stuffed bag’.  People bid their credits, and then I turn around and bid the credits they gave me for my item on a WalMart or Amazon gift card!  That turns all my free couponing items that I won’t be using into a gift card I CAN use! You can list anything, clothes, jewelry, anything and bid on anything you want!  You can list and get coupons, but no $ off coupons, only coupons for FREE items. (the coupons we all love) ❤

CLICK HERE to join Listia today and just check it out!  By using my link, you get 100 free credits to bid as you choose, watch for FREE SHIPPING listings (which most Listians use) and pay nothing!

If you have any questions when you sign up, feel free to ask!  Angela190 in Listia!


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